Friday, 3 October 2014

The Thinking Atheist, Robert M. Price interview

On Youtube: The Thinking Atheist 27th November 2013 Robert M. Price made a good summary of the Christ myth theory. He also gave an example of the made up nature of the gospel stories that I hadn't heard before. It was about the differences in the accounts of the people that Peter denied Jesus to. So in fact it would be easy to say Peter denied more than three times.

Mark 14v66 has Peter deny to a servant girl, v69 the servant girl again, v70 those standing near

Matthew 26v69 has Peter deny to a servant girl, v 71 another girl, v73 those standing there

Luke 22v56 has Peter deny to a servant girl, v 58 someone else - to which Peter replies, " Man, I am not " which could imply the question was not asked by a servant girl, v59 another asserted - to which Peter replied, " Man, I am not "

John 18v15 has Peter go with another disciple who knows the high priest, the other disciple goes into the highpriest's courtyard and then has to ask the girls permission to allow Peter in. What did he say to her? " We're disciples of Jesus & friends of the high priest and have permission to enter ? " or " Here's some money, ask no more about it ? "  What if it was the former, " We're disciples of Jesus " and the servant girl at the door v17 double check, " Is that correct, are you really a disciple ?" then you would have the farcical reply from Peter, " No I never knew him " but then the girl would reply, " Well you can't come in then " and Peter would be like, " But if I don't come in how can I fulfill my destiny to deny Jesus 3 times before the cock crows as Jesus predicted " to which the girl would say, " O, so you are a disciple of Jesus then ? " Peter, " No I just know him " Girl, " Well you still can't come in " Peter, " Oh damn it, I retract my denial, I am his disciple ", v25 probably someone else in the courtyard, since it would be reasonable to assume the girl was still on duty at the door, v26 A relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, " Didn't I see you in the olive grove ? " - wouldn't it have been more likely, " Weren't you the one who struck my relative Malchus (Jn18v10) with the sword cutting his ear off ? Just as well Jesus healed it back on or i'd be doing a civilian arrest on you "
   Interesting that gospels Mark, Matt & John don't  mention the ear healing. Only Luke 22v51 has Jesus touch Malchus's ear to heal it but v50 had said the ear was cut off, so you would think Jesus would need to bend down and pick up the ear to place it back on the head ?
   Mark 14v48 Has Jesus scolding the arresting party for being armed with swords and clubs but he says no criticism of Peter for cutting of the servants ear.

  How come Mark 14v50 has all the disciples of Jesus " deserted him and fled ", yet Mark 14v 54 has Peter follow Jesus at a distance and enter the courtyard of the high priest - also note there is no mention of a girl doorkeeper. Also although Mark doesn't say Peter was the one who struck off Malchus' ear how come if it was that Peter would sit with the guards of the high priest v54 if one of the servants of the high priest had had an ear cut off. Wouldn't the guards have been at the arrest of Jesus or be talking with some who had been there - such as Malchus.
   Quite funny to look at Mark 14v56, " Many testified falsely against Jesus, but their statements did not agree "

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