Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Genesis 2v7 In fact God created Eve on the eve of Adam

I just bought the "Awkward moments (not found in your average) children's Bible."
Excellent list of authors who encouraged Horus Gilgamesh to write it.
I see the first item is about the creation myth
My Rewrit goes
In the beginning the first Homo sapiens God created was Eve. God saw that she was very beautiful and fell in love with her, one thing led to another but to cut a long story short they had a fling. Nine months later Adam was born. God excused himself by saying, "Well at least it saved me from having to do surgery and from now on Adam will have to pander to women's every whim in order to make up for my sin of emission"
 This explains why all men are bastards who have delusions of grandeur thinking they are God's gift to the world when in fact they are the result of a moment of madness.
Also it means that women are damn right when they say, "For God's sake will you do some house work around here"

p.s Yes it is nonsense but maybe less so than the original ?

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