Friday, 31 October 2014

Stars in their eyes

Good points by Carolyn Hyppolite
Two books offering a skeptical view of the nativity tales:
"The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View",by Aaron Adair and Bob Berman 

"The Nativity: A Critical Examination",by Jonathan M.S. Pearce and David Fitzgerald

There are many possibilities offered. I was listening to October 30th 2014 edition of BBC radio 4 show "In Our Time" hosted by Melvyn Bragg, talking on the subject of nuclear fusion. At 34 minutes in Steve Cowley, Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, says,"The star of Bethlehem is thought to have been a supernova" Well how do you use a star to pin point a house ? Not possible in my opinion. It would need to be a flying saucer, maybe with Klaatu and Gort in it. Much more likely that the authors knew of the idea of associating a new star with a king so since they were making up a story about the king of the Jews they made a star for him.
   How is it that God could not arrange for Magi  who knew that the Earth was a sphere to visit Jesus ? Why didn't the Magi give Jesus a map or globe of the world which showed all the continents, this would have been really handy if God wanted his gospel message to spread to all the Earth double quick ? Could it be that nobody on Earth at that time knew the Earth was a sphere or was it just that the idea hadn't reached the Bible authors ? The Greeks suspect the Earth was a sphere but they just didn't expect there to be large undiscovered continents ?
   How is it that the angels who winged their way over the Earth didn't think to sing about the Earth being a sphere like an orange ? Could it be that sphere or orange or weren't in their vocabulary ? The Bible authors did know of the word,"apple"; Song of Solomon 2v3&v5  Proverbs 25v11.
   Why didn't God call wise men from the Americas over to worship at the stable who could have taken back stories of their discovery of Europe,Asia,Africa and baby Jesus? Because the Bible stories are mostly inventions seems the most likely answer.

To make stuff up and tell people that it is made up stories is called entertaining fiction but to make stuff up and try to pass it off as accurate accounts of real life is lying, especially if you have been told reasons to think it is fiction and don't even pass on those reasonable doubts.

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