Friday, 29 May 2015

Windsurfing Parody on The Happy Wanderer

I love to go windsurfing upon the ocean blue
But if you do not fancy it then that it up to you
up to you, up to you, up to you, up to you hoo you hoo you hoo
up to you but I'm going and I hope you will come too

I love to go windsurfing when it is blowing force 5
but when it is only blowing force 2 then that makes me feel blue
makes me feel blue, i feel blue, makes me feel blue, I feel blu hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
I feel blue, I feel blue when it is only blowing force 2

I love to go windsurfing when it is blowing force 5
but when it blows force 7 I fear I'm going to die
going to die, going to die, going to die, going to die, die, die, die, die, die, die
going to die, going to die, I hope this won't be bye bye.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Look more deeply into the Bible stories and you will see a different story.

Dr Holly Ordway mentions C.S.Lewis at 2:00 and on another video I have heard her saying the character Aslan helped persuade her to accept the idea of Jesus  being an incarnate Son of God. I like the bit of, "The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe" where C.S.Lewis has Aslan come back to life due to "deeper magic from before the dawn of time "  that  Jadis the White Witch had not known of. If Jadis had  looked more deeply into the writings on the stone table  she would have noticed that if an innocent was killed in place of a traitor then the spell would be broken. 
    Many scholars, historians, archaeologists etc have studied the Bible stories as deeply and honestly as anyone  else and noticed many errors and contradictions. This shows that the majority of the human race is in reality not doomed to eternal suffering as some varieties of Christianity and other religions would assert, so we do not need to live in the icy grip of fear of God's judgement and are free to try to care for & help one another & make the best of our time under the sun.

 I recommend the books of Bible Geek Robert M. Price, John 
W. Loftus, Valerie Tarico, Victor J. Stenger, C. Denis McKinsey. They point out that there are no O.T prophecies which give a detailed description of Jesus. The old and new testaments are at odds. Jesus failed to notice that the idea of hell is incompatible with the Golden Rule. Jesus would need to have saved everyone from a hell, not just picked a chosen few. To completely abolish hell would have reduced the total suffering experienced by the human race by maybe 95% but to let most go to a hell would mean that Jesus had done no more than put a sticking plaster on the suffering we have experienced .

The idea of hell is incompatible with the Golden Rule

I was brought up going to church. I have heard most of the views about the Bible. My conclusion is that the idea of hell is incompatible with the Golden Rule. The idea of a perfect, loving God is incompatible with the idea of hell. If a perfect God had practiced due diligence then hell would not have come into existence. If Jesus had won the victory over a hell then to be a hero he would have needed to save everyone or change the game plan so that it was a choice of heaven or extinction. If you have to do to others as you would have them do to you then since no one would wish to go to an eternal torture then you could not agree to send someone else to hell. A caring God would have had a duty of care to prevent anyone becoming liable for hell. With so many habitable planets in the universe it would have been easy to wipe out Earth as soon as a hell came into existence and start again on another planet. For God so loved the world that he not only allowed suffering in this world but also sent most to eternal suffering ? Doesn't really fit does it ? For God so loved the world that he erased hell so that at least when people died they could rest in peace; sounds better.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

It was God's fault

In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth & humans etc and when he looked at his work said,"It is good" but then Satan said, "Well it is vast and impressive but I think you have put the stars too far apart for humans to ever be able to spread out and colonize their own galaxy, let alone any others" And God replied, "Nonsense, it is perfect" But then Satan said, "Well what is going to happen when humans multiply to the point where there is no more room on Earth" So then God said,"Rubbish, it will be fine" but after thinking about it a while he realized that Satan was right once again and so God lost his temper and yelled, "So why didn't you point that out at the planning stage ? This is all your fault. Damn you all to hell" But Satan replied,"What is hell, never heard of it" And God said, "It is a torture chamber I am going to create to make you suffer for what you have done" But Satan said,"That sounds immoral and a miscarriage of justice and how would that make anything better ?" And God thought, "Damn he is right again but I will frame him somehow. I know, I'll just tell everyone that he was trying to depose me, he is always trying to make me look stupid" 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Planetshakers, heart breakers

I just came across the Australian Planetshakers band which has plenty of handsome fellas and beautiful gals. Have you heard of them ? The 2003 Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian was also a part of the Planetshakers band for several years, taking both lead and backup vocal parts on the 2002 and 2003 albums and conferences.
Love the melody, they just need to tweak the words. Replace 'Jesus' with the name of your partner.
Planetshakers - Made for Worship on Youtube loveslate channel.
"Their music is a contemporary style of praise and worship tempered with mainstream rock and pop.
Fraud allegations against band member:
It was reported in 2008 that Michael Guglielmucci, former bass player in the Planetshakers band, had fraudulently claimed he was dying of cancer. During this time Guglielmucci received money from supporters who believed his illness was real. Guglielmucci also released the single Healer, a song of encouragement for believers who were suffering from cancer. Guglielmucci explained his actions as being a result of a long-term pornography addiction."
Nobody is perfect
Forgive them lord, they know not what they do ?
See Panetshakers' "This is our time" album,
something of Song of Solomon about it ?
This is our time
My heart is alive
Look to you
Your presence
He touched me
Leave me astounded
Stronger than a thousand
The water is rising
Its your love
Sing it again