Monday, 18 May 2015

Look more deeply into the Bible stories and you will see a different story.

Dr Holly Ordway mentions C.S.Lewis at 2:00 and on another video I have heard her saying the character Aslan helped persuade her to accept the idea of Jesus  being an incarnate Son of God. I like the bit of, "The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe" where C.S.Lewis has Aslan come back to life due to "deeper magic from before the dawn of time "  that  Jadis the White Witch had not known of. If Jadis had  looked more deeply into the writings on the stone table  she would have noticed that if an innocent was killed in place of a traitor then the spell would be broken. 
    Many scholars, historians, archaeologists etc have studied the Bible stories as deeply and honestly as anyone  else and noticed many errors and contradictions. This shows that the majority of the human race is in reality not doomed to eternal suffering as some varieties of Christianity and other religions would assert, so we do not need to live in the icy grip of fear of God's judgement and are free to try to care for & help one another & make the best of our time under the sun.

 I recommend the books of Bible Geek Robert M. Price, John 
W. Loftus, Valerie Tarico, Victor J. Stenger, C. Denis McKinsey. They point out that there are no O.T prophecies which give a detailed description of Jesus. The old and new testaments are at odds. Jesus failed to notice that the idea of hell is incompatible with the Golden Rule. Jesus would need to have saved everyone from a hell, not just picked a chosen few. To completely abolish hell would have reduced the total suffering experienced by the human race by maybe 95% but to let most go to a hell would mean that Jesus had done no more than put a sticking plaster on the suffering we have experienced .

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