Sunday, 17 May 2015

It was God's fault

In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth & humans etc and when he looked at his work said,"It is good" but then Satan said, "Well it is vast and impressive but I think you have put the stars too far apart for humans to ever be able to spread out and colonize their own galaxy, let alone any others" And God replied, "Nonsense, it is perfect" But then Satan said, "Well what is going to happen when humans multiply to the point where there is no more room on Earth" So then God said,"Rubbish, it will be fine" but after thinking about it a while he realized that Satan was right once again and so God lost his temper and yelled, "So why didn't you point that out at the planning stage ? This is all your fault. Damn you all to hell" But Satan replied,"What is hell, never heard of it" And God said, "It is a torture chamber I am going to create to make you suffer for what you have done" But Satan said,"That sounds immoral and a miscarriage of justice and how would that make anything better ?" And God thought, "Damn he is right again but I will frame him somehow. I know, I'll just tell everyone that he was trying to depose me, he is always trying to make me look stupid" 

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