Monday, 27 July 2015

On Voicing emotions

Some people use the word fuck like its an apostrophe
but I wonder if it could be an acronym where C stands for catastrophe
or maybe C is for Cross
Like when U is Unhappy over a loss
K could be for Kopfschmertzen or Kvetching
Like when you have a Flaming sore head and you're Fuming
Or maybe F is for Frustration when your wife acts Frigid and Unloving
her Cunt is off limits and you feel like Killing
Or maybe afterall F is for Feminine Underwear Coture Kicking
Or Female, Fanny, Underparts, Urethra, Clitoris, Caress, Kissing, Knackered
Fizzing, Forgotten, Umbridge, Crying, Crackling, Crazed, knocked

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Great guitarist Ethan Meixsell & great writer John W. Loftus

I've been listening to the best tracks of guitarist Ethan Meixsell on Youtube, the titles remind me of the writings of John Loftus:
"Thor's hammer"- In Old Norse it is called Mjölnir which means "That which marks and pulverizes to dust", which is what John Loftus' writings do to the scriptures
"Taking a beating" - which is what the Bible has had from WIBA
"The coming storm" - John aims to take the battle to them
"Gut check" aka "The outsider test of faith"
"Collision" between atheism and superstition
"Rise" of science
"In the shadow" of Christianity which is where many readers of Debunking Christianity started out from.
"Rabid" aka the blind Christiain apologist
"Battle ground" eg "The End of Christianity"
"Fight of Flight"; is the apologist really fighting to defend Christianity or are they on the run driven by the fear of an imagined hell
"Driven to madness" - the madness of religious delusion
"The fiery furnace" - is it real or really just mental abuse ?
"Heavyweight"- The books of John Loftus, of course
"Sea of sand" - the shifting sands of scripture, the Christian sees a sea of water but it is only a mirage'
"Angel of mercy" those who have contributed to John's anthologies
"Vindicated" which is what the skeptical view has been from higher criticism of the Bible and science etc
"Double Helix" - how come no character in the Bible has the faintest idea about the double helix, DNA etc
"Demilitarized zone" - which we might get if religious people around the world read & understood John's books
"Start your engines" by reading John's books
"Take off" - escape the swamp of religion
"March on" - don't let the witch doctors get you down
"Granite" - evidenced based thinking & decision making. I came across a link to Carl Sagan's "The varieties of scientific experience, a personal view of the search for God" in Jerry A. Coyne's book, "Faith Vs Fact, why science and religion are incompatible"
"Dead reckoning" - "Faith Vs Fact"
"Thanatopsis" comes from the Greek thanatos ("death") and opsis ("sight") - John takes a thorough look at what probably happens when people die.