Monday, 6 October 2014

Eveolution to the modern woman

I agree, whoever wrote Genesis was short sighted, myopic.
Eve should have also realized that the "Garden of Eden" was in fact a bit of a "1984" Orwellian wilderness intellectually: being told that ideas are great which patently aren't and materially a rough experience with bush tucker, very short lifespan, pain in childbirth, tooth ache, disease, fights for survival etc and that in fact there was a much more promising way of living that could be achieved by slamming the door on the God delusion & taking many rapid leaps in the eveolution of information and technology as witnessed in the best of what the 21st Century can offer : in pain free dentistry, much reduced pains of child birth, more interesting activities to fill ones life with, several more decades life expectancy, freedom from worries about non-existent religious threats & taboos, much more diverse diet, better clothing, hygiene, liberation from having to bear a dozen babies, heading towards equal rights , etc [ however also in some cases polluted water, air & general environment depending on location & new troubles and stresses ]

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