Monday, 6 October 2014

Rosetta stone

How come if the Israelites had been in Egypt that their religion / God failed to enable them to remember how to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs ? Acts 7v22 says that Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. The Israelites were supposed to have been in Egypt about 400 years.
How come the ten commandments weren't written like the Rosetta stone - both in Egyptian hieroglyph and in Hebrew ? This would have been really handy for reminding how to translate. How come the Exodus Israelites weren't bilingual ? Why no sign of hieroglyph in the Bible ?
Easy answer - because the stories are mostly fiction. By the time they eventually got the skill of writing they had forgotten the distant past so just made stuff up about it.
Look at the religion of the native North American Indians - it didn't enable them to remember that their ancestors had been in the Old World- north east Asia - nor did it enable them to have a revelation and predict the existence of the Old world.

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