Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Let the gods do their own terminating if they are really real.

11th Commandment: The gods shalt do their own terminating by supernatural means, humans shalt not do their god's dirty work.
I prefer the modern secular rules based on English common law as they are much more moderate and reasonable.
The penalties of old scripture laws are too severe and often make mountains out of mole hills.
If there was a god then it should have given people better memories & interpersonal skills so that they were able to intellectually amuse their partner rather than boring them to tears & driving them into the arms of another, seeking a change & variety.
Why is it that when you are out and about a funny thought can occur to you but when you are at the dining table with your loved one it gets forgotten or if remembered they fail to be amused ?

I think the 2014 laws of the UK try to use the minimum penalty necessary to prohibit & deter people from breaking it.
The scriptures fail to make it clear if the penalty is the maximum possible that the judge could dish out but that most times a lesser penalty could be issued. However  these examples above fail even according to the idea of like for like. Like for like would be like if you insult God then he gets to insult you back; 
God is an ape.............................still waiting.

27. Anyone who blasphemes God by saying that he would order someone to be stoned to death for blaspheming him shall be stoned to death unless they quickly say that stoning to death is an unjust penalty for holding a different point of view and anyway is too barbaric and needlessly severe in a modern age where prisons are available but in any case people should have freedom of speech and thought.

On the other hand maybe 1000 years ago if it was a choice between spending your remaining years in a dungeon or being stoned to death then maybe it wouldn't be so clear cut which was worse. It might have been more humane to die quickly but on the other hand it rules out the possibility of a reprieve due to your name being cleared after new evidence  coming to light.

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