Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Angels from the realms of fiction

I wonder if there are only a very few phrases that angels are capable of saying ? Maybe they can only say, "Praise God", "Hallelujah". Angels don't have much to say for themselves in the Bible and certainly don't do much. Could this be why Jesus had so little trust in their ability to protect people from harm ? Look at Luke 22v36 where Jesus tells his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. Why did he not expect his guardian angel to protect him ? How is it that in Genesis 22v12 that the angel was able to say, "Stop don't harm Isaac" and yet there was no angel to tell Simon Peter not to use his sword in Luke 22v29 ? In fact Jesus' followers even ask if they should strike, yet Jesus does not quickly say,"NO!". At least he heals the servant's ear. Again in Luke 4v9 Jesus does not trust the angels to carry him safely to the ground. Maybe he was like, "Get real. When was the last time you saw an angel save someone from injury ? If I jumped I would hit the ground hard and die because angels are just fiction, a literary device."

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