Friday, 10 October 2014

Mark 3 in support of atheism

Mark chapter 3 supports atheism :
Mark 3v29 also repeats the line about," whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven " I think this is barbaric propaganda for stamping out dissent e.g. " If you dare to question spirit inspired church doctrine - then you can never be forgiven " 
It is like a curse by the person who likes to dream of going to heaven, " I want there to be a heaven therefore there is one and anyone who says it doesn't exist can go to hades "

Interesting to note that Mark 3v21 has, " When Jesus' family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, " He is out of his mind"" but like Christina says, " It might help to study world religions ", so Jesus family could have said, " Jesus needs to study the ancient Greek myths and then he might see that they invented the story of Hades and stop fretting about it. He should study ancient Egyptian religion and see that they were among the first to practice male circumcision & taboos against eating pork ".

 Actually, in the context, it is a bit odd that Jesus family said, " Jesus is out of his mind " because all he was doing in the previous sentences was eating his dinner, but maybe they were just warning people to stay away from him because they knew he was a babbler.

Look at Mark 3v10 which has a crowd pushing in around Jesus to be healed of diseases. Verse 11 has the evil spirits say, " You are the Son of God " so how would the crowd not hear what the spirits were saying ? Verse 12 has Jesus command the demons not to tell anyone. However since demons & satan are supposed to continually lie ( John 8v44), you would expect that the truth would be the opposite of anything they said, so in fact  were they being sarcastic, mocking and the truth was that Jesus was not the Son of God? { I agree with the Sadducees of Acts 23v8 who say there is no resurrection, angels or spirits . I think they are either just a literary device or misinterpretation of mental illness } 

Mark 3v22 has the teachers of the law say, " Jesus is possessed by Beelzebub " which is maybe an old fashioned way of saying " Jesus is talking crap "

Mark 3v25 " If a kingdom is divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand ", well the Bible is very divided against itself, the authors were at war with each other. The O.T. and the N.T. do not fit together

Maybe the gospels have evolved in a similar manner to how organelles came together in the first cells. Before the Jesus stories there were many strands which the structures of religious communities and temples wove into Jesus - a myth

Hector Avalos. Fighting Words: The Origins Of Religious Violence (Kindle Locations 400-403). Kindle Edition. quote Marsilius
For although some of the philosophers who founded such laws or religions did not accept or believe in human resurrection and that life which is called eternal, they nevertheless feigned and persuaded others that it exists and in it pleasures and pains are in accordance with the qualities of human deeds in this mortal life, in order that they might thereby induce men reverence and fear of God, and a desire to flee the vices and to cultivate the virtues."'

If you have been indoctrinated with the view that you will go to hell unless you believe the Bible stories then it can blind you to other ways to read the Bible. In that case you can try to force yourself to accept the party line.

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