Thursday, 1 January 2015

Parody on "Be thou my vision"

Science be my vision and reason be my guide
thanks for 21st century technology by my side
we are much better off than folks who went before
 the wonders of the world are what i adore

When my number comes up I think I shall rest
in cosy non existence for that seems the best
to let people suffer, after they die
would not be loving and I hope its a lie

for Jesus to be a hero he would have needed to cancel hell
If he had rescued everyone he would have done well
but just to change the jailer would be some sort of sin
and what if there never was a hell from which people to win ?

I can imagine a god behaving much better than the one in scriptures
One which explained modern knowledge in words & pictures
One which 6000 years ago gave the medicines that we need
One which right now delivered the solutions we plead

One person's meat is another's poison
One person's melody to another is noisesome
It doesn't hurt to be specific and say i don't like that bit
But it is generalized & exaggerated,rude to say it is shit

Sometimes I adore you but sometimes I need a break
Some things about you give delight others seem to grate
sometimes in agreement but other times battles we rue
If you don't speak politely I'll translate it for you

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