Sunday, 18 January 2015

WWJD ? - Preach short sermons. Sermon on Mt takes 30 seconds.

By far the best way to enjoy church is to think religion is almost certainly fantasy fiction.
Only go when it is a family service & the sermon will be minimal with no communion.
Just enjoy the tunes & ignore the sermon, chat to the people about sport, hobbies, travel, family, work. Or you could chat to them about evidence for evolution, fossils, what things were like in their county 300 million years ago. Or for a studious game think of all the reasonable doubts against Christianity and see how many the Pastor mentions in his sermon. It will be a miracle if he scores above F.
Many churches are struggling to get enough people to attend. Maybe ministers would get on better if the asked WWJD ? Take a leaf out of Jesus book, his sermons were less than five minutes long. Probably this is why people who listened on the shores of Galilee said,"Jesus Christ, that sermon was really great, 2 minutes flat, all our previous Rabbis rabbited on for an hour. " (Sermon on Mt took me 30 seconds)
For an example as to how unobservant and slow to learn ministers are look at how for 1900 years they have read Acts 20v9 about how Paul's long boring sermon led to Eutychus falling asleep and fatally falling from the high window sill, yet they haven't learned from that and shortened their sermons.
Maybe they should try ditching the sermon altogether along with prayers since they don't work & lyrics to the worship music since they are quite repetitive and boring after the first time through. Instead get several people to each give a 2 minute talk on a piece of music, book, film or event they found inspiring.
This could be a talking point afterwards at the coffee bar, others could say,"Oh, I read & enjoyed that book too"
Maybe the reason that churches are reluctant to do this is because the minister fears the member will say some things which don't comply with the church doctrine? Maybe its because the member is afraid to admit to reading a book which the minister or elder will scold them for reading ? Maybe people would rather just be anonymous in church and go home again ?

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