Friday, 30 January 2015

Meet my wife, she is always right

It might not have helped because if a woman doesn't want to accept your suggestion she can either just ignore the verse you thought applied saying it is trumped by another verse or the doctrine of her church. She will then pick another verse to prove herself right even if it means writing a new one or misquoting an old one from the original double dutch.
The odd thing about the theory that the Bible is of purely male human origin is how come the 10 commandments don't include, "Make love with your husband three times a day so he doesn't stray" ? Maybe it did and the real story about Moses coming down the mountain was that when Zipporah read it she told him to fuck off and threw the tablets down shattering them ?
Pope Francis' idea of threatening to punch anyone who insults your mother doesn't seem like a good idea in marriage where a wife says severe things of her mother in law, a more diplomatic solution might be needed, such as turn the other cheek or asking them to zip it and focus on something else. Distract them with the promise of a holiday or new clothes. While empathizing with their hurt feelings. [ Corrections welcome ]

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