Sunday, 7 December 2014



How are you ? What have been your highlights of 2014 ?
I am still celebrating that Scotland is still part of the U.K. after the 18th September referendum.
Near ideal weather for barley & hay here this year.
The autumn had plenty of warm sunny weather so I went windsurfing at  about 20 times. The best wind speed was on 1st & 2nd November with 20mph, it still was ok temperature. Quite amazing whizzing between the waves which look quite big up close but probably maximum 4ft.

Hope there will be some snow at Glenshee in January, it was good fun last year.

I have been enjoying Youtube & Wikipedia & Facebook & Twitter. Really amazing to be able to explore the ideas you want when you want. I am working my way through the endless music & soundtrack videos & astronomy etc.  Also super being able to catch up on music half heard on the car radio.

The free planetarium software is amazing. It allows the user to set whatever location in the world they like & also fast forward and reverse time. This is great for watching the moons of Jupiter orbiting it.

some musical favourites, in no particular order

I heard on Radio 3 that the John William's theme tune for Star Wars may have been inspired by the theme for "Kings Row" ,a 1942 film which made Ronald Reagan a star, the music was by Erich Korngold.

Kosenko - Passacaglia in G minor
Dohnanyi - Passacaglia in E-flat minor
S.Prokofiev - Toccata in d minor 0p.11
Phamie Gow - Annandale
Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde 

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