Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Would you Adam and Eve it ?

It would have been interesting if the Bible had photo like quality drawings of the food crops that Adam & Eve ate or somehow an accurate description of them.
BBC show "Kew on a plate" with Kate Humble shows that some of our favourite food crops used to look a lot more like weeds.
Our modern strawberry is a cross between the large white strawberry of Chile and the tiny sweet strawberry of Virginia.
Carrot roots looked very like weed roots, even in the last 1000 years, and used to be more prized for their seeds.
Selective breeding has dramatically improved size and flavour of many of our foods but still we face challenges to protect the crops from pests, disease & to supply enough nutrients ( which requires complex processes such as Haber process powered by gas to provide nitrates and also deep mining to find phosphate. [ Phosphorite deposits are thought to have formed over eons through the process of sediment being washed down from eroding mountain ranges. Phosphorite deposits often occur in extensive layers, which cumulatively cover tens of thousands of square kilometres of the Earth's crust. Does it make sense to say that a God magically put these deposits where they could only be accessed by modern technology? ]
Why didn't a creator God put nitrogen & phosphate fixing nodules on cereal plants so that they would enrich the soil as they grow instead of depleting it or why didn't a creator give them genes to resist the major leaf diseases & to repel insect pests ?
Is there any evidence of such things ever having existed ?
How much conflict has been caused by competition over limited resources, demand outstripping supply ? Why weren't mountains placed more evenly so that each area of land would have a reliable river to provide irrigation water & so that hydroelectric dams could easily be built in modern times ?
Creation might have appeared good at first glance but on getting it home from the shops the limitations have soon become apparent.

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