Wednesday, 1 April 2015

God a projection of our own failings.

Do Gods reflect the human tendency to vastly over rate their own performance and to vastly under value other people's worth ?
The gods criticise humans for not observing an irrelevant pointless code of conduct and then excuse themselves of genocide. The gods act hypocritically, they condemn humans for failing to look after their fellow man yet with hold the information & technology which would have dramatically improved human quality of life ( information they must have had if omnipotent as claimed )
The characters in the Bible are only interested in looking after kith & kin & close friends but everyone else can be damned as far as they are concerned.
The Bible stories were written by men and give men priority over women.

I watched the BBC drama,"The Ark" which was their telling of Noah's ark story.
They did have some of the characters ask half intelligent questions but I would have liked to see them ask more rational questions.
 They could have had Noah's family ask questions like:
 "Where is all the water going to come from and where will it drain away to ? "
"If God is love then how could he do an unloving thing like killing everyone especially when most probably hadn't committed a significant crime"
"Wouldn't the honourable thing be to refuse to be part of a plan to wipe out humanity, it isn't their fault that there is competition for scare resources and that demand tends to outstrip supply"
"Wouldn't it be genocide to wipe out all humanity except for one family ? Wouldn't this act be worse than what any human had done ? "
"Would you agree that a better way forward would be to give humanity the information and technology to reduce human suffering , increase quality of life & life span, give them the means to produce, store and distribute ample food, help them generate systems to ensure fairness but also encourage responsible effort"
"Why not just terminate the few delinquent folk by heart attack or lightning bolt or better still only select embryos who will live in a civilized way"

However there is ample reason to think the Noah's flood story was based on the Babyonlian Epic of Gilgamesh myth.
Reverend James Ussher used Bible genealogy  to work out that the Bible stories put Noah's flood at 2300 BCE. There are pyramids built before 2300  BCE and the remains of the Beaker culture in the Rhone valley is before 2300 BCE.There is no evidence for a global flood, only multiple localized flood events. Plate tectonics cause the formation of many shallow seas which were later raised to be dry land or mountains.

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