Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Stephen Fries God

Russell Brand gives lots of  links to a whole range of ideas in this video. I would like to add that Acts 17v24 claims,"The God who made the world and EVERYTHING IN IT...." Ooops, I bet if the author of that sentence knew what we know now about parasites & pathogens then he would have wished he had blamed Satan for causing the micro-organisms of death. So given Acts 17v24 then I agree with Stephen Fry saying this is a cruel act. Added to this Matt 19v26 has Jesus say,"With God all things are possible" Yet this imagined God withheld the knowledge to make medicines to kill the pathogens. 
Matt 15 has Jesus ridicule the idea of washing hands before eating- there is no sign in the Bible that Jesus was aware of germ theory.  James 4v17 says,"Anyone who knows the good he ought to do but fails to do it sins". Well humans often have the excuse of not enough money or time or technology but what excuse would an Almighty God have ?
In fact Acts 17v26 claims," God determined the times set for people and the exact places where they should live...v27 he is not far from each one of us " which is almost to say that this world runs exactly according to God's plans. Well I think there are many flaws in this imagined God's plans.
However I agree with Richard Dawkins that there probably is no God, life on Earth evolved by natural selection so we can just try to make the best of it, help each other to maximize human happiness and minimize suffering.

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