Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Motorhead, God was never on your side [ alternate lyrics ]

Great lyrics by Motorhead.

My parody:

The stars will never fall down on us     
Because they are flaming too far away.
Our Sun is not due to dim,
Before the human race is not even a memory
The Babble never knew that stars are huge Suns,
Billions of years old and light years away.
It wasn't correct about the observable universe,
So how could it know of unseen realms ?

Let the voice of reason shine,
Let mumbo jumbo be mocked and jeered.
God's face is human, unseen priests,
They hadn't a clue about reality,
They were never on your side,
They never told us of contraception or germ theory.
Let science and reason, alone decide
The God deluded were never on your side

[note Matt 24v29 predicts,"The stars will fall from the sky"]

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