Sunday, 8 February 2015

If it wasn't for disease then God would have to play God

Interesting article by Justin, sympathetic.

Acts 17v24 "God who made the world and EVERYTHING IN IT" So did all the insects which are now parasitic adapt after the fall from some benign life cycle ? Was God originally going to miraculously hold everything in some perfectly ordered state ? Did mosquitoes start off vegetarian ?

What was God's original plan A if there was no illness or death ?  Were we going to be told the technology for making space ships and colonizing the universe to avoid congestion on Earth or just whisked away miraculously to other exoplanets ?

What would be the outcome if humans suffered  no illness or disease ? Well the total human population would spiral, then God would need to play God and choose who to terminate to make way for more children. No one would relish making those decisions so it is understandable that this could be quite a headache for God. Hence it is fairly plain that God allows illness and disease to randomly terminate humans allowing God to claim plausible deniability. 

Actually if there were no disease and the human population spiralled then probably there would not be enough food for all so there would be death by starvation. This might also be accompanied by war over scarce resources but idealistically it could be resolved by drawing lots for who dies.

For much of human history the total human population was under only 1000 million and at that amount the habitats and biodiversity of the world would probably have been healthy for millions of years. However with spiralling human population to over 100 billion as a result of people living thousands of years and no one dying then it could be imagined that many other species would be wiped out with the end result that the humans race would not last more than a few thousand years. Again not really a problem if God can just miraculously start again on another planet.

Why doesn't the Bible have the first humans live pain free, illness free lives from 0-70 years old then be carried up to heaven on a chariot of fire. Having humans typically live like Adam's 930 years was soon going to cause overcrowding so it is no wonder that life expectancy was allowed to fall dramatically.

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