Saturday, 21 March 2015

Solar Eclipse myths

Interesting article. Was it by Justin Brierley or Jonathan McLatchie ?

I think it is a reasonable question to ask if there are signs of supernatural design in the observable universe.

Dara O Briain on BBC Stargazing live series 5:5,' Eclipse live' mentioned some of the many myths about why the sun appears darkened (at 25 minutes-29 minutes) 

The Hindu myth is that Vishnu beheaded demon Rahu (who is drawn as a serpent) but Rahu's head still eats the Sun occasionally. However the sun always falls out of Rahu's throat.

The vikings thought a chariot dragged the sun across the sky and Odin sent a pair of wolfs to try to eat the sun.

In Vietnam it was a giant toad who tried to gobble the sun.

Matthew 24v29 tries to link,"The sun will be darkened" to 'end times'. Why was it not written,"The sun will not darken for billions of years but it will at times appear hidden behind the moon as viewed from Earth ?"

We know today that eclipses are not omens or portents of doom.

Matthew 24v29, "the moon will not give its light" but the moon just reflects sun light - a fact that was unknown when NT was written

Matthew 24v29,"Stars will fall from the sky" but the fact is that stars are too far away and too massive to fall to Earth. If the text meant meteorite then why didn't it just say,"piece of rock"

Matthew 24v27, "lightning that comes from the east is visible in the west" but how far can a flash of lightning be seen, 100 miles? maybe 2000 miles if you are in the ISS ?

2000 years ago there were many things which were too small to be seen by the naked eye due to either being actually microscopic or just too far away. There were many bits of information about such things which could have been revealed by supernatural revelation to indicate the existence of a god but none were. Science advanced by very gradual advances in careful observation and small steps in reasoning.

I still go to church sometimes for the music, to socialize, because it is part of the whole story of our history, as a look back to how people used to imagine the world, to see if the minister is willing to offer pros and cons or just one side of the debate.
It is interesting to read what the Bible and other scriptures had to say about the natural world, to understand the claims they were making but in the light of 21st century knowledge their ideas about natural history have to be seen as babble whose value to modern civilization is as museum pieces.

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