Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hillary Duff, Stranger... similar to Ogden Nash poem

Ogden Nash wrote some similar ideas to the lyrics of this song in his poem from 1935
"What almost every woman knows sooner or later" (about husbands)
It ends:
When you are alone with them they ignore all the minor courtesies and as for airs and graces, they utterly lack them
But when there are a lot of people around they hand you so many chairs and ashtrays and sandwiches and butter you with such bowings and scrapings that you want to smack them.
Husbands are indeed an irritating form of life
And yet through some quirk of providence most of them are really very deeply ensconced  in the affection of their wife.

The poem starts:
Husbands are things that women have to get used to putting up with
And with whom the breakfast and sup with...
...And when it is a question of walking five miles to play golf they are very energetic
But when it is a question of doing anything useful around the house they are very lethargic 
And then they tell you that women are unreasonable and don't know anything about logic
And they never want to get up or go to bed at the same time as you do
And they are brave and calm and collected about the ailments
 of the woman they have promised to honour and cherish
But the moment they get a sniffle or stomachache of their own why you'd think they were about to perish...

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