Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Oh God I want a windsurfer, Don't Answer Me No

I expect the topic of how the authors of the Bible had no idea whatsoever of what the 21st century would be like is too obvious and has been covered too many times to include in a book but there could have been a chapter in "How to defend the Christian faith: from Jesus failure to identify any 21st century technology"
How come if Jesus was standing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee that he didn't miraculously prophecy something unknowable like, "One day people will windsurf across this lake with a sail made from a plastic called monofilm surrounded by Kevlar, a mast made of carbon fibre & a board of polystyrene & wood core with carbon fibre shell and they shall sail like a bat out of hell. Oh God why must I have been born 21 centuries too soon, if it be thy will magically create a Neil Pryde rig with Fanatic board, but not my will but thine be done.....No ? Why is it always fucking no. God damn" followed by a flash of lightning and Jesus disappearing in a cloud of smoke with the booming voice from the sky, "You wanted carbon you got toasted"
N.B the word, "fucking" mentioned in the preceding dialogue is not gratuitous swearing but rather an acronym for: 
"Frustration, Unhappiness, Crossness, Kvetching"
Also "DAMN" is an acronym for, "Don't Answer Me No"
For a vision of the future See Youtube video :
Israel - Extreme WindSurfing - Beach Tour - Sea Of Galilee - Round #4 on Gil Ziny channel

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