Saturday, 22 November 2014

Seth Andrews on how Christianity steals good ideas from secular sources

That was a funny quip at 18:50 about the "Get out of hell free" card in BibleOpoly. Maybe so that everyone can play there would be two cards, one in which you say the believers prayer, declare Jesus is Lord & hope for the best and the other where you say,"I've read the books full of reasons by John W.Loftus supporting the idea that it is wildly improbable that there ever was a cosmic hell and also possible that there is no supernatural realm at all. So I'm out free for sure,unlike the Jesus talisman version where there is always that doubt whether you will be damned by an exclusion clause"

Tell me the whole whole story
Atheism can do a bigger better story that encompasses the whole of history and human learning whereas Christianity relies on people not knowing things.

The Bibleman at 19:20 with the plastic lightsabre reminds me of a record cover with an image of a knight in shining armour with sword to advertise the song The Victor by Keith Green. However I recently saw a video of Keith Green preaching where he admitted that there were a lot of bits of the Bible he had never read and when he did he thought,"Whoa, that's heavy"

My sword fight with the idea of hell is: A loving God would either take people to a happily ever after or let them cease to exist at death, so there is nothing to worry about. A perfectly loving God wouldn't have let a hell come into existence and if it had would have cancelled hell as if it never existed. For Jesus to be a hero he would need to save everyone & erase hell. If Jesus won the victory over hell but only saved a few then he is only a little better than the imagined devil, that is just like changing the jailer but keeping the system intact.

What's Wrong With The Gospel? Part 1 by Keith Green
on Youtube channel
This was 1982 after he had been evangelizing many people
2:54 Keith said he was naive, ignorant, a little stupid & foolish about the Bible
4:20 like every new christian I started getting bitter & asking why this wasn't working
4:30 Don't ever study the Bible unless you want your thoughts changed about the truth
5:34 I started studying the Bible and thought; Wait a minute they didn't talk about this part, they skipped from there to there, why did they leave  out that bit..Wow,that's heavy
5:46 Then I started blaming the church
5:56 When a person is a victim long enough they start identifying with the person victimizing them
6:15 The church becomes a victim of a lack of truthful knowledge being presented 

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